Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honey, I'm Home!

Yesterday, Amber called from downtown Dallas, and asked if I was still willing to drive some of her stuff to their apartment in Lawton. I said, yes! And so, yesterday afternoon, James stuffed the old plymouth minivan with Amber's belongings from Pastor Robert's house. I got to see Faith, and had a good visit with the family Amber has been living with for two years?? They have known Amber even longer than that from California.

So, today, I drove the load to Lawton. I want to remember the huge storm I punched through starting in north Fort Worth. Whew. I hate hydroplaning. And this old plymouth needs a lot of brake room. I had looked up the weather online, and knew what I was facing. But, the clouds were very dark and ominous. At Decatur, Texas, I saw blue sky! And then a field of buzzards. They must have been ready to feast upon a cow. I have never seen so many buzzards in one field. It looked like something out of National Geographic.

There was this cute Country and Western song on the radio---something about how I'd like to see you by moonlight, and I'd like to check you for TICKS! Too funny. On the trip home, there was another Country and Western song about how the kids leave home, and follow their dreams, and the house is too quiet. Fitting.

Things were very green today, thanks to all the rain we have been having. And as I approached Fort Worth coming home, the clouds were the biggest I have ever seen. Soon, they blotted out the sun. And I was driving from the west!

James unloaded the minivan for me, and Amber made delicious croissant sandwiches. They were delicious. I did not stay long, as this is still their honeymoon. I left home this morning at 9am, and got home before 5pm. And that is with a stop in Bowie, Texas. The Walmart there had the catfood I needed, and the foil pans to replace the ones we used last Saturday at church.

One week ago today, we were enjoying the reception after a fun wedding!

Bob and Andy said they'd be in Dawson Creek tonight, with mountains, on their way to TOK, Alaska. And they are on Pacific time now.

And Amber said they got their Wii hooked up. I don't know anything about Wii, but I think she said something about car races, and workouts.

All I know is that this little piggy went to Walmart, and this little piggy is now home. Next weekend, James and Amber go to the beach! I used to work for an orthodontist, and he would take his family down to Padre Island every summer. They loved it down there. Suppose to be better than Galveston.

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Bob said...

James and Amber are going to the beach? There aren't any beaches in Lawton!