Thursday, August 20, 2009

820 wbap day

Today is 8-20-09, and Mark Davis at our local conservative talk station, WBAP says it is their favorite day because their call sign matches the date. How cool is that! From the conservative truckers show from midnight until 5am, to Hal Jay and his crew in the mornings, to Mark Davis from 8:30 until 11am, and Rush from 11am until 2pm---I am an all day listener sometimes. WBAP is warning of possible hail storms tonight. I think the garage is ready to pull in a car. We sure need the rain. My violets and moneywart are all withered and sad. And the purple lantana quit blooming.

Bob and I made an alarm run this morning at 3am. I was wondering if we were still on the alarm call list because we just have not had any in over a month. I'd warned folks when Bob was gone, because the alarm company will only talk to him. And I don't know how far down on the list we are. But, if someone left a door unlocked up at the church, or if the wind blows and sets off the alarm, we get a call. At 3am, as we got in the car to drive over to the church, I kidded Bob that it was like a date to see the stars. Bob did not even stop to put on shoes this time, as the police found the open door, and had walked through the building. Yikes. I would not want that job. Hope he had a big flashlight and his gun drawn. We don't pay our police enough.

Time to shave.
Time to run some errands.
Time to feed the dryer.
Time to take my vitamins with iron---

All whilst listening to 820 on the AM dial. WBAP

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Bob said...

How cunning of me to get you to go on an early morning date with me, eh? Do I know how to treat my woman to a good time or what?