Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Seat

Years ago, Cargo furniture used to have stores in the malls. Sturdy, functional furniture---great for houses with boys. We purchased the Cargo bunk beds, and now they reside at my nephews'. We purchased the Cargo love seat and coffee table, and we still play Scrabble on that table. But, the love seat has been moving around. I pawned it off on James when he got his first apartment, after it was gathering dust in the spare room. But, yesterday, we picked it up in Lawton, as he not longer needed it. And Amber has found it a new home back here. We will probably deliver it to that new home on Tuesday or Wednesday. Right now it sits forlornly in the back of my van.

This is the love seat that James gouged with clippers one day when he was bored/mad. Ben sanded it out, and restained it, so you can't tell. I have replaced the cushions a few times, and the cushion covers three times. It would work as a junior bed for short children. But, have I mentioned that it is sturdy? Not the most comfortable to sit in, yet it has been the place of many a family picture, and while the longer version might have been better, it fit in our little house okay.

James and Amber gave us back the brown recliner, too! Our set is reunited. And now we have more comfortable seating for guests! Getting fancy around here.

I have a few errands to run---to the post office, and a Walmart run---and the love seat will keep me company. I am glad it is getting a good new home.

And that drive to Lawton is such a pretty drive. We watched some clouds turn into anvils.

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Bob said...

Yeah, the clouds looked like fluffy bunny roadkill in the sky. (Or maybe it's just me.)