Sunday, August 16, 2009

Practicing linking

THIS is hilarious


Anonymous said...

Dear Joyce, I havent forgotten you just a little busy here in Australia it is tax time and I am an Accountant or CPA as you call them in the US. I am still looking for some pictures of the Dish being built during the sixties. By the way I see you have a relative called Abby, my oldest daughter is Abbey spelt with a 'e' in it. Oh well back to work. Best wishes and kindest regards from Australia. Ian

joyce said...

Thank you, Ian! You won't believe this, but we watched THE DISH today! We have had a super busy month what with our middle son's marriage on July 25th, then Bob helped the oldest son drive to Alaska, as they had been tranferred up there, and then Bob's nephew and his family came for a four day visit, and spoke at our church this morning. I was ready for a relaxing afternoon. And I put the movie in our DVD player. Bob's nephew asked why we had two unopened copies of THE DISH, and I told him that I found it on sale on Amazon. Now we have plenty to share.

Yes, we have a granddaughter named Abigail, and they call her Abby. She is newly in Alaska. I got to see her for a week here in Texas, and then put them on the plane to fly, and then my husband got to see her for a week up there before flying home. Bob and Andy had fun driving through Canada, and the furniture made it just fine, too. Bob and Andy had the cat in the car with them, too.