Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They got ON base housing!!! YIPPEEE

Wonderful, glorious news. Andy and Lauren got on base housing! And it is brand new. And it has a playground right across the street for our 2 and a half year old granddaughter. wow. And their furniture comes tomorrow!

And Bob flies home tonight.

I am amazed how things were sorta quiet all day as I waited for news. A little cold front came through. I don't think we made it to 100. It was ninety degrees at midnight, so that might've been our high. But, 85 feels good outside. I still sweat hauling trash to the street as tomorrow is trash pickup day and recycling day. And I hauled a box to the post office. The post office frowns upon recycling boxes. They'd charge you a lot less for one of their pretty white ones. oh well, I am always learning when it comes to all things post office. Most days, I guess---like when I emailed my friend four more dishrags. I had this cutsey box and it weighed 7 ounces, so I guessed...three stamps of 44 each, and 14 one centers. That is what I came up with on the calculator. But the post office has special rates for thickness, etc.

And I did a mass mailing of the new addresses to friends who do not email nor blog. I had the newsletter all ready, I just needed to add the new Alaska address. Fun. Fun. And their furniture comes tomorrow. Talk about timing. Wow.

And honeymoon pictures are up on Amber's facebook page. Wow. Looks like they had a wonderful time. I wonder if I can steal from facebook and import onto here----hum... I love the picture of them above the clouds on Pikes Peak. Wow. Looks so deliciously cool. And what a cool cabin. And I am guessing the Gaylord hotel?? I need to inquire on their pictures. There is a place for comments.

Amber called today. James' lymph nodes are still swollen. Too bad we can't get him to the chiropractor, as he'd work him over good. Amber found some castor oil remedies and apple cider vinegar. Wow. Should I tell her those things come in tablet form?? naw. What a true sign of love. What a man. What a groom! I don't think I have ever had castor oil in my life, but I remember my grandparents talking about it---it helped cured what ailed you way back then.

Maybe I'd better quit having so much fun on the computer and eat some supper and head off to bed. I need to go to the airport at 5:30am to pick up my groom.

Waiting around all day, I kept thinking, I bet they got the on base housing as they have not called or been online. And then Amber called, and then Lauren left a message, and then my friend Mary left a message...when it rains, it pours! Halelujah. On base housing. I am so relieved. So much safer. So much cheaper. So much better for our granddaughter. And when Andy has to go to Fairbanks, so much better for his family to be close to help if they need it. wow. Thank you, Lord. And their stuff gets there tomorrow, too. wow. Such wonderful, wonderful timing.

I am amazed. And so grateful. A box of goodies is on the way---a little girl's fancy wedding shoes, a little girl's stuffed toys. My firstborn's blanket his grandmother knitted him so many years ago. Their mail. Oh, yeah, I forgot to encourage them to go online and change their address. It is so easy to do online.

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