Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nothing Like a Little Yard Work in the Morning...

to get the blood pumping.

And the cats scored! I am guessing a dove. One feather looks like a blue jay feather, but the rest resemble dove feathers. The fight wove its way around the AC unit outside, through the bushes around the corner of the house...into the bushes out front. Wow. I did not hear a thing. I am guessing from the feather trail. wow.

I wonder who the hunter was? The new kittens sure got a lesson in exstacy. No body. No bones. yet. But, I am not poking too deeply into the bushes. No thank you. Let's let nature take its course. Unless I see a buzz of the garage...

And my sage bushes are blooming. They are scraggly bushes. Not at all lush like the ones at the train station nor like the ones at Braum's. Did you know I have sage bush envy? Yes. I a must confess. I desire lush, thick sage bushes. Their purple flowers are so pretty.

The day lilies are done. I pulled their dried reeds and bundled them neatly for the garbage man. Two white kitchen sized bags of trash. And I am resisting putting a bow on the day lily reeds. The Lantana yellow and purple blooming plants are going great guns. I thought I saw a hummingbird, but it might have just been a giant bee-beetle thingy. I saw one of those this morning. The vines are invading the honeysuckle. And the vines out back had completely blocked the view of the neighbors by climbing up into the oak tree. So I did surgery. I pruned the links and used gloves to pull the vines. I have a nice pile to show Bob. I have been wanting to do it for weeks. Just waiting for the temps to dip below eighty. We need to do severe pruning in January, as the wild bushes out back grow twenty feet each summer. I want to cut them fence line height next January and start fresh. This will allow the good bushes---the Nandina to flourish. The Nandina filled out real well where I gave it breathing room last January.

Sallycat scaled the oak tree while I worked. She is a tree-walker.

Scandalice things I have done whilst Bob is in Alaska:

I have left the garbage bag out of the side yard trash can for a whole week.

I have left the garbage bag liners out of the trash cans inside the house for three hours now.

I have fed the neighborhood cats. greenies.

Beat me. Whip me. Call me trash.

Aren't I a rebel? Whoot! And I have misspelled too many words to count.

So there.

Blogging is fun. You get out all your aggression. Ha.

You can write LOL and IMHO, and no one cares. LOL

Wow, I can see the neighbor's roof. There is sky between the Nandina and the oak tree. Nice view.


Bob said...

Let's dig up the wild bushes out back and plant sage there instead. Seriously, sage would do to very well there. That spot gets lots of sun and is well drained.

Bob said...

Oh yeah, you're in big trouble for feeding those neighborhood cats.

yard work said...