Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gleaning Isaiah 25 and 26

Maybe its not written to me. But, God's instructions seem like they apply to all---and seems to answer, what is our job? what is our mission?

Isaiah 25:9 Wait on the LORD to save us. Wait.

Rejoice, be glad in His salvation.

26:4 Trust in the Lord forever.

learn righteousness
deal justly
perceive the magesty of the Lord


jennifer said...

I am heading to my Bible after I leave your site. There are some really good nuggets in Isaiah that speak to my heart ("No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper"). I want to re-read 25 and 26 now that you've referenced them.

As to band, Joyce we are THRILLED that our kids are musical. I have an 8th grader who plays primary saxophone and secondary oboe, a 7th grader who plays trombone (like a man says HER band director), and now my violin player. My Oldest will pursue music for the rest of her life, I really believe that. The other two... we'll see.

High school and college years must have been fun for y'all. I'll be there, like you were, at football games... FOR THE BAND!!! That starts for us next year and I'm looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful week!

joyce said...

marching band is great! And it is a good group, and ways for them to learn to serve others. it goes by toooo fast. I wish they sold a band parent ticket---all we enjoyed--that half time show. And our son started waving back his junior year!