Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BO promises not to pull the plug on grandma

At a "town hall" meeting, a little girl asked a question about the "mean" signs, and how does a kid know the truth, and why do we need a change in health care, and BO answered, NOT HER QUESTION, but went on and on about how they were not going to pull the plug on grandma. The little girl did not ask about her grandma. It is astonishing that a president that is also the father of two girls has NOT a clue how to answer a child. What an idiot.

Maybe it does not matter what questions are asked at the staged town halls, because the president has talking points he needs to get through no matter what you ask. wow.


Worst case scenerio---let's say the dims plan passes, and a horrid healthcare system is put in place that does not deliver---then will the very idiots who voted for BO turn on him? or will BO find a new scapegoat? When will the union thugs turn?

Since the dims like the plan so much, go for it. But, let the Republicans keep their old system of free enterprise, insurance companies, and profits. There is nothing wrong with profits. The dims like to demonize profits as a bad thing. Profits motivate growth. Socialism is slavery. Simple.

Trying to legislate compassion kinda backfires big time.

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Bob said...

This year will definitely be the dimocrats' high-water mark, but I fear the economic and social damage they do could be irreparable. We still haven't recovered from Jimmah (can anyone say "Ayatollah"?) Cahter's foreign policy.