Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bob will blog about this in a funny way

Bob and Andy are in the Yukon. They said they had a lot of vertical roads today. And if they got behind another car or truck, the dust clouds made it impossible to see. That and the smoke from forrest fires. They bought a 10 gallon gas can to increase their range. Apparently, gas is in short supply way up there. The roads are so rough that Emmacat is stressed, and making loops inside their jeep. When she gets up on the dash, Bob holds the steering wheel until Andy can see again.

Bob says the views are beautiful. spectacular. They lunched at Muncho Lake at a German log cabin lodge. Many of the communities in the Yukon are on evacuation notice because of the forrest fires. Folks are packed up ready to go. That is probably adding to the run on gasoline. They found one burger joint open on Sunday evening. A converted house. For sale. $10 for a buffalo burger sitting at a picnic table, on flimsy folding chairs inside. The misquitoes were bad at Sign Forrest. 65,000 signs that people have signed and left---even crime watch signs which they signed!

And Bob said they learned everything there is to know about the Yukon and the Alcan Highway in a sixteen minute video at the museum. wow

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