Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Putting the house back together

Seems like I have been doing laundry for days and days. Sheets. And I attempted to take down the portable crib today. Yikes. Not for the faint of heart. Should have left that job for the more mechanically minded. No way are all the parts gonna fit back inside the box. But, the portable crib comes with a bag to hold the mattress and frame, and all the extras went back into the box. We have not even opened the mobile or the diaper holder or the frame for the changing table. They are all still in their plastic. So, one more set of sheets from the portable crib.

The washer was not going into the spin cycle for some reason, so I opened up the drain plug thingy, but nothing lurked there. About half a gallon of water spilled under the washer, so I cleaned the portable fan and aimed it at the floor to make sure I get it dry.

Bob bought this syringe thingy with ant poison and put a bead of it along the wall where the carpenter ants have been coming and going, here in the living room. It seems to have done the trick. We wanted to wait until all our guests had gone so as to not harm the babies.

James called last night! I got to ask him the question about Mauricio. I nagged him about getting more sleep. Well rested individuals do not get sick as often, and make better husbands.

It was fun telling Bob's nephew the old family stories. Bob has blogged about so many of them, but I don't think all the nieces and nephews have time to read his blog. Reading them is fun, but telling them...even better. I find it strange that Bob's oldest brother did not share the tricks his evil brothers and sisters played on him growing up.

My errands list includes getting more birdseed, dropping off the disposable camera for development, mailing three things, and fetching Bob some more multivitamins from the health food store. Come to find out, we need to support Whole Foods these days as the libs are boycotting them.

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