Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Day so far... on this first Sunday in August

Dear Bob,

I have so much to tell you, so forgive me that my words run toooo long. And I am trying to decide what is safe and appropriate for blogging.

I went to church super early this morning, as we had left the freezer door open to defrost, and I wanted to mop up any water before the old folks fell. But, the freezer was completely dry. So, I closed it up, and turned it back on. We will see how it does. May need to replace it. Just think, it could be something we do and put on your company buy plan, and it won't go to the music ministry or to them that badmouth Mark Driscoll...when we are wealthy. ha

Anyway, I gave all the white tables a good scrub. Windex. I probably just pushed the dirt around. But, a few were dirty. So, all sweaty, I go sit down in our Sunday School class. And Effie and Joyce J. ask about the wedding. I talked about how fun it was, and how smoothly it went. And when I got to the part of Amber and James went on their honeymoon to Pike's Peak, Mary W. INTERRUPTED me with her stories about Pike's Peak. So, I stopped sharing. And let Mary W. have the floor that she wanted so bad. And I even asked her questions enthusiastically---about our rain, and everything else she is an expert in/on. what a hoot.

G.G. was saying something in Sunday School. I composed a letter to the newlyweds.

You missed a full-grey-bearded Billy M. "leading" the singing. I think it was leading, but all at once he would burst into his own rendition. So I think we were in the way, and he raised his hands, and seemed to be having his own religious experience. I did not want to interrupt.

During the announcements--we were told, and I know you will be glad to hear this: they are charging admission next week to church! Yes, you, too, can come as long as you bring TWO or THREE cans. I don't think you will get in for just one. The food pantry is so low...that whatshername from the back of the church yelled about how they are just so desperate as there is a desperate need.

Tim N. gave the Colorado report about Summit ministries. four guys plus Tim went. And Tim N. assured us that God would bless you if you give to Summit ministries. now we know. each of the four guys spoke: Miachael D. said that it was a life changing experience, and how they are ready to answer Q about Islam, worldview. or go to Andrew B. said they were taught how to engage the worldviews, and that the 2 weeks was definitely worth it. Tyler S. will probably be working there next summer. He said there was 187 students from all over the world, Egypt, New Zealand, and a total of 250 with staff, and that "DOC" (David Noble) is the smartest, funniest old man I have ever met...Tyler said. And Tyler said he cried like a little girl at a video of attrocities around the world.

Next Sunday, Keith Small talks, SS and Church.

Then Sunday, August 16th, the Sunday Joel Tracy Williamson speaks during the SS hour, it is youth Sunday, so they do the music and sermon, and an 8am pancake breakfast by Donna S.---Joel Tracy needs to be there at 8am for pancakes, and music practice. Too bad Joel can't do the sermon, too, and give Justin and Tim a break. I think they need a break. Joel can say something youthful, IMHO. LOL

Then, at the next song, Bill M. shared that during the 18 months lawsuit, he has learned that the lawsuit was ordained for us by God! And it taught us many things. there was a resolution this week, but he can't share the details, but please pray for the man he used to work for, and his wife, that they be saved...

Pastor Mark taught from Acts 10

It was so strange for me to be at church, in the gym, this first Sunday "back" since James and Amber's wedding. Technically, I was there last Sunday, but just to pick up food, and clean the kitchen. Lauren did not want to go and subject Abby to more strangers after a very eventful day of the wedding. And she was still catching up on her sleep.

I could imagine James and Amber dancing here. And sitting at their special table right under the pulpit. Here we danced, ate, and kids blew bubbles. Here is where Amber's parents sat. I should have visited with them more. I don't want to ever "use" these facilities again except for when we can invite the whole church.

Some seem incredulous that I am enjoying my time alone. I have time to blog, read blogs. Time to eat celery and peanut butter for lunch. Time to clean. Someone said cleaning is theraputic. Time to get organized for the next group of guests. I have time to process the good and the bad. I want to remember the decorating night when we met Amber's folks, and the airports--picking up Tim, then Andy, Lauren and Abby. I want to remember the details of the rehearsal, dinner, the wedding day, and wonder what James was thinking as he saw his freshly dressed bride?!

That is what you missed. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program... Love, Joyce

Bob is helping Andy drive his jeep to Alaska. This was an email I composed to let Bob know whatall he missed at church today. I sat by myself. The lady behind me who shares my name, started coughing, so I shared some cough drops. But, otherwise it was very uneventful. ha.

When something happened that I considered bizarre, I just wrote it down and put it in this email to Bob. As you can see, I vomit up everything for him. No secrets between us. Should he read this, he will also know that I took down the rusted clothes line as the storm took down three strands, and I did not want our granddaughter to hurt herself, or whoever mows... And I picked up a bag of leaves in the sideyard. But, dirty leaves got Bob's ladder all dirty. Or maybe it was the rainstorm, as dirt is embedded on the inside of the ladder as if it has been sitting in muddy water. Skpye is up and ready, and I am doing laundry. ho-hum. Now Bob knows everything.

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