Friday, October 10, 2008


Bob went out first, and bingo-ed once, but I beat him by three points. It has been a while since I have won at Scrabble. And Bob lets me have as many letters as I want.

Bob re-installed the vents in the overhang thingies. We had run them through the dishwasher to remove twenty years of dust and grime after a good hand scrubbing. Every time Bob uses his cordless screwdriver we remember the story of taking toddlers to the hardware store. When we were not looking, baby Ben pulled a cordless screw driver off the shelf and into our cart. When we got up to the checkout, Bob thought I had put it in the cart as a gift to him. I did not know he had been wanting one, and this was when they had first been invented, and to me, sounded wussy.

We had eaten cereal for supper, and even though that is quick, we only had 45 minutes before sundown to get the screens re-installed. Four little screws each. By dusk's early light...and the step stool, and the ladder for the end of the house.

I am still having trouble standing up straight, even though I went to the chiropractor the other day. Oh, well. Yesterday, I went out to lunch with my friend and her cute little 2 year old grandson, but my back was hurting before we were done. She had seen the yarn we use on sale at Michael's for one dollar each, and we could not resist stocking up on my favorite colors. I am well-stocked on yarn now. This should last me through the winter ! It sure was nice paying one dollar for the cream color instead of 1.69 !!! And I usually do not buy the smaller skeins at 1.69, but at one dollar, I picked up a few "stripes". And I don't know when I have had so many shades of green in stock. These will make pretty dishrags.

It is Friday. I'd love to blog about female stuff, but it would gross out people. I am convinced there is a female/menstrual connection to my back hurting.

And what is it with memory tricks in your fifties?? Bob and I don't dare buy milk and set it in the back seat. We will get distracted somehow one the way home and forget to take the milk out of the back seat and put it in the frig ! What is with that?? And I will make notes to myself and leave them all over the place...and then forget to read the notes. So, I ride home from Braum's (milk purchase place) with a gallon of milk between my legs. Too funny. We are losing our minds.

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Bob said...

I wouldn't have mentioned remembering the milk in the car hours after we got home, but that's just because I'm the one who left it there.