Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Boy In Our House Again

There is a little blonde boy in our house again today. My brother called yesterday and asked if I could watch their youngest, age 4, as he was running a fever, and hence, could not go back to school until fever free.

My little nephew is the sweetest little guy. He does not usually get to visit by himself, as his two older brothers who have been here more often, are usually with him to turn it into a three-ring circus.

The youngest in a family does not always get to have a favorite blanket or special toy because the older ones take it from him, so my nephew had all the toys to himself today. He took them all out of the first basket, and put them all back, I noticed later. We trooped out to the little house and fetched two more baskets of toys--the Chevron cars. And now it is dangerous to walk in here. And we have enjoyed all three of my Veggie Tales DVDs, and the movie BABE. I just love the music in BABE. The farmer sings it to the sick pig, and then dances to it, and the mice sing it at the end after the big finale. The colors are lush and beautiful in the film. I think it is shot somewhere in Australia or New Zealand?

Now my nephew is down for a nap. When my brother dropped him off this morning, he gave me strict instructions about the nap after lunch. Four years old, and he went to sleep pretty well. I let him choose which bed. He has been chasing the cat all morning, but Sallycat can only stand so much attention. My nephew is used to a little white haired dog they can haul around called Buddy Bear. Too bad our cat is not more ragdoll in nature.

Gorgeous day, gorgeous weather. Windows open after a cool morning of fifty degrees. I can hear distant ducks or geese. And a dog's bark punctuates the air. All is calm. All is bright.

An oppossom wandered past three carrots and got caught in the trap. A smallish one, probably teenager, and I called animal control at 7am this morning, and they picked it up before 9am. And they are so nice about picking them up. This one had an almost pure white furry face. The trap does not harm the animals. It trips and shuts the door when the possom walks across the back of the cage. I usually use catfood to bait the trap, but I had some old carrots and an old grainy apple that worked just fine. The neighborhood cats have all learned one by one not to enter the trap. They look embarrassed when I let them out.

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