Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mom means flexible, alert, ready at the drop of a hat...

Last night, Bob had to work late and missed the next train, so instead of him waiting around dark downtown Dallas, I drove downtown to pick him up. I don't drive much anymore, as Bob does most of the driving. My driving consists of trips to the store, and never at night. So, it was an adventure to grab my purse and head out the door in the dark and drive to downtown Dallas. I know one route into downtown pretty well, and having done it the other day to bring Bob his keys, it was still fresh in my mind. Listening to Laura Ingraham on radio, our wonderful local WBAP, the hardest part was finding the headlight switch. As I said, I don't drive much at night. And we have only had the Toyota van a year.

We did not see the huge, orange three-quarter moon until after I'd picked up Bob. His cell phone was outa juice, so he was waiting outside his building. And he let me drive back to Arlington ! We drove back to the train station near Bell Helicopter and picked up his car, and then home for some cereal for a late supper, and bed.

There was a wild teen birthday party three houses down. We could hear the girls squealing and screaming from our house. Yikes.

What to do today---more weeding or window washing?

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Bob said...

Let's do it all -- window washing, weeding and sanding. But first (pun intended) I need to go to the bathroom.