Thursday, October 2, 2008


One of my favorite sites to check each day is Cake Wrecks. It is funny, well written, and the comments are hilarious.

All that reading about cake, even ugly cakes, and I was in the mood for cake.

Pepperidge Farm has a few offerings. A coconut concoction of three layers, but when I scraped off the icing, the cake was kind of tasteless.

I looked up a recipe on the website called: Cooking For Engineers. The pecan coffeecake sounded good, and while I did not have any pecans, it would help me use up my jar of blueberry jelly and Braum's new cream cheese that has a soupy consistency. Not being able to waste Braum's cream cheese, I figured I could cook with it, and I could not very well enjoy my blackberry jam until we had used up all the blueberry.

My Mother will laugh and shake her head to know I used a recipe as the basis of a creation. To me, recipes are the start, the jumping off place. I was kinda surprised that the cupcakes fell. They taste pretty good. I suspect my dough was too thick. And I did use three eggs instead of two. More protein, right?

Now I have plenty of ugly muffins/cupcakes in the freezer, and one shaped like the pyrex measuring cup as I had way too much batter. Maybe it would have been better to make or shape the dough into those crispy cakes you dunk in coffee. When the name come to me, I'll insert it here.

It has been eight days since we played Scrabble. Yikes. While supper was in the microwave, I set up the board and pulled the table into the middle of the living room floor so that we would not forget to play tonight. Some women meet their husbands wrapped in saran wrap. I meet mine with the Scrabble board at the ready.

Bob and I were tied at 261 each, but he went out first, so he played a final word for eight more points, and got my eight points from tiles I had left. Strange looking board. I was racking my brain for words that end in "C" or "P".

And its always a good day when I find my Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn on sale at Walmart for $1 each. I hope Walmart is not discontinuing the yarn. Maybe they were getting rid of an overage.

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Bob said...

The cupcakes were good, dear. (And the dimple in the middle of each was cute.)