Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Windows open

Our temperatures dropped into the sixties. And a good rain washed the air or some of the pollen. I could not resist, and opened windows.

But, I was shocked at the number of people wearing coats, jackets and sweaters at Walmart this morning. Good grief. I was sweating inside the store. They keep it eighty degrees in there. I finished getting items I needed to pack a box, and then went to the post office and stood in line and sweated. They keep the post office warm, too. Texas in October is beautiful. You would not know it from the dour faces about the long lines. Our trees have not begun turning. Just a few brown ones that are exhausted from the heat. The Asian Jasmine by the mailbox has orange and red leaves. And James says the leaves are turning outside his room in Missouri.

I woke up rudely at 4:44am with a cramp in my calf. Yikes. I think I will alternate vitamins one day, and antibiotics the next. The antibiotics have this warning about not taking them with vitamins. My foot does not hurt anymore. And trying to keep track of the eight hours around taking the antibiotics is too much for my brain.

I tried keeping the windows open yesterday, but humidity was so high and it got up to 81 degrees inside. So, I turned on the AC before Bob got home. So thankful for the good rain. My violets have perked back up.


Killjoy said...

Thank you for all of your lovely commets. I always enjoy them.

joyce said...

Thank you, for your blog. Being the mom of a toddler is a challenge, but I think it was my favorite time, as I could hold them and kiss them on their sweet smelling foreheads. Now, I have to have them lower their heads to kiss them, as they are all over six feet. Bob says it looks like they are bowing down to me. Once, one of them bowed to my mom for a kiss, forgetting she did not know the drill.

joyce said...


Here is the site for our granddaughter. We live too far away. But, Andy called last night so she could say HI to Grannie.