Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bob 407, me 209

Scrabble score.

We went to church. We ate lunch with Ben-Ben. fish. We caulked and painted. Rather, Bob caulked and painted. I was his assistant. I fetched stuff, and held the paper towels. And I was very useful in remembering where a certain tool was hidden. We hide stuff in the garage so that they do not walk off. Some tools come in these handy suitcases, and have been known to grow legs and walk away. I swear I am going to write what they are in big letters with a permanent marker. 'Cause Bob will ask, "where is the band saw?" And I have to hold up a few suitcased tools, and possibilities before I get the right one. Or, I will unearth the suitcased tool, and ask, "is this it?" Bob's old boss once made fun of us when he noticed our washer and dryer labeled in big letters when our boys were little. But, he has not been in our garage in years, so I think its safe to label stuff for my brain. Why don't tool come labeled?? "Stanley" did not help me locate the awl.

Now the house looks better. There are a few places left to sand and paint, but Bob will wait for a cooler day. It got hot out there this afternoon. I got so sweaty-sticky, that I took a bath before Scrabble.

I gave the lady at church sixteen dishrags. Hope she likes them. Hope she finds a color she likes. And she said she wanted to give some at Christmas.

The sermon this morning was on Amos 6. Danger of complacency. Arrogance. And abusing poor people.

Lots of sirens tonight. Wonder what is going on.


Bob said...

Um, dear. We don't have a band saw. That's the sort of tool butchers use for cutting up cows.

joyce said...

well, whatever it is, I hid it.