Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Morning

A day we can usually sleep in, but I got up early because my back was hurting. Reading blogs. Improving my mind. I watched Brietbart TV yesterday afternoon, but showed it to Bob yesterday evening, as Scott did a good show all by himself. Liz was sick with a cold. I knitted a dishrag for a lady at church while we watched it on the computer. I have a whole box for this dear lady at church. She can have them all--over a dozen I have done up for her, to keep or choose a color she likes.

Ben dropped in yesterday afternoon. It was so good to see him. He seemed to have a little better attitude about work, but sees the company folding. Ben says he wants to do the solar panels right but, his boss does not see the need to protect them from a freeze. On the one hand, Ben seems glad to have learned the solar trade, but cynical on the other hand, as it takes years for a system to pay for itself, and maintenance is expensive. Ben told me about giving a Christian a hard time at the coffee shop. And saving a baby bunny story where he gets a lady's phone number. Ben remembered a CS Lewis book Bob had read them, and asked for the title so that he could pass it on to his Christian friend. Little does Ben know that its an answer to prayer to see God bring Christians into his life. I had to restrain myself from a happy dance right then and there. Ben turns 21 in seventeen days. He said he wants a vacuum for his birthday. I told him how much I am enjoying my Walmart one. And I hope he lets us take him out to eat.

James called, and has Monday off for Columbus day, and gets to be Platoon Leader next week. And he cooked himself a steak for supper and had a salad. I wonder what he is eating in the bread/grains department. Maybe cereal for breakfast? And from the fruit group?? When Ben moved into his own apartment, almost two years ago, he figured stuff out, and learned a lot of lessons the hard way. With James, we are enjoying all his adventures in learning to cook, do laundry, and I think we were on speaker phone when he washed his first dish. I told him I needed to put the date in his baby book, but he said I did not have one. I guess he has checked the shelves. He does not know that I have a lifetime of baby book memories in my head. And a whole box of journals of when he was a toddler... I am amazed how different each of my boys are. And our experiences with each of them have been so different.

Andy flew the nest first. Andy went away to college, and there was the band experience from sixth grade through college. Andy woo-ed his future wife that senior year of college, and graduated and got married and entered the military all in one month. That whirlwind month of May 2005. They figured stuff out on their own. We were not a part of Andy's day-to-day military experiences. We did not even know what to ask. Nowadays, we are blessed with calls from the wonderful toddler grandbaby. And wish we lived closer so that grandbaby could know us. And I am so thankful Andy is enjoying being a hands on dad.

Ben was and is Mr. Independent. And enjoys working with his hands. We are hoping he is interested in plumbing school and getting his license, as we know he'd be good at it. He has two black kitties he rescued, and is enjoying. He said that one of them head-bumped him awake yesterday morning wanting to be petted. He has built them climbing apparatus and regales us with their adventures. He says no burger is safe around them.

These cool Texas mornings are wonderful. It will get up into the eighties this afternoon, but we can enjoy the windows open for a while. Sallycat is pestering Bob to be petted as he tries to work at his laptop. Sallycat will walk through the Scrabble board. And across the laptop, or in front of the computer screen. She will then jump down another way, but the only path up is through. And she likes her Greenies in the morning.

A lazy Saturday---time for a bath to stretch out those back muscles, and a walk, for exercise. The sky is a pretty baby pink and baby blue this morning.

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Bob said...

Either you have the gift of prophesy or we are way too predictable -- even the cat walked across the Scrabble board.