Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Quiet Thursday

I'm waiting for the phone to ring to tell me Bob is on his way home. Then I will go to Walmart an pick up the pictures I had developed with the throw away camera. Walmart does not do on site development anymore, so I had to have them sent "away" on their two day process. Time for a digital camera. James says we can use his, so maybe when he comes home for Veterans Day...

We were sitting here last night reading blogs, and sharing things we found when the oppossum trap slammed shut. Silly possum walked over four carrots to enter the trap and check out the lone carrot at the back of the trap. It was smallish, probably a teenager like the day before's possum. I made a mental note to call the animal control people at 7am this morning, and by 9am, the nice man came to collect number two and take him to play with is brother or sister at Village Creek Park. Possums have to be the stupidest animals to be so easily trapped. I am going to have to put the city animal control number on speed dial at this rate. When I commented to the man who picked up the possum that one lone carrot trapped this one, he said, "see you tomorrow morning." Maybe it was the scent of the other possum that also attracted this one.

I changed the sheets on our bed, and sorted the laundry, and started a load. My fancy washer has so many options. It is fun to press all the lights and light it up like a runway so that it goes through the "heavy duty", and "extra rinse" and "bleach" cycle for the white clothes. I believe in bleach. I trust in bleach to remove 99.9999 percent of the germs that cause athlete's foot. I put my faith in the bleach to guard my family from colds, viruses, etc. Bleach is a mom's best friend. Bleach removes the sin and stains and washes the clothes white as snow. Why, when my firstborn called from his freshman college dorm room and said unto me, "mom can I just splash bleach around the floor to get rid of the smell of wet workout clothes and musty marching uniforms?" I replied unto him, NO !! Splash NOT bleach upon thy floor for it will ruin the colored clothing hanging there to dry. Splash NOT I say, and do not do this thing. Bleach must be mixed very carefully in proper proportions to do the good work of removing germs, odors, and stains. And when my earthly father called from the hurricane ravaged Houston area where water had crept into their bedroom and onto their carpet, and wanted to know if it was okay to splash bleach about liberally, I was able to say unto him, NAY ! Never in full strength shalt thou splash, but only in proper proportions and never on bare wood. Being unable to consult his computer because of the ensuing power outages, I instead directed him to the bleach bottle label where he would receive wisdom, and enlightenment, and rest from his many questions. And I encouraged him to call the number and listen carefully to the calm and friendly lady explain the wonders that is bleach.

update---Hey, James go see the picture of your brudder on his birthday post. This picture is the one I submitted to Cake Wrecks just now. (and if you click on the picture, you can make the picture bigger. cool)


ShalomSeeker said...

Wow...all those years reading the KJV redeemed in one blog post! ;-)

I'm afraid I tend to overdo when using bleach myself. Maybe that's why I haven't discovered all its 'wonders.' :-D

And wowser on the cake!

joyce said...

I found out the hard way about straight bleach. It maketh thy clothing very ho