Monday, October 6, 2008


Scrabble on Sunday,
Scrabble on Monday,
Scrabble at suppertime.
Won't you play Scrabble?
And he bingo-ed twice tonight.

And a good rain this morning. A little shower this afternoon. More tonight? Warnings on the radio all around us.

And a lady at church called wanting some dishrags.

And I got to play with a toddler this morning, as my friend had to attend a funeral of her next door neighbor. Her grandson is such an easy one to watch. Easily entertained with our bin of toys. He wanted to connect the trains to their cars. And he liked climbing onto the bar stool and jumping on me in the rocker. Too cute. Big brown eyes. He wanted to play outside so much, but it was raining, so we had to stay inside.

It is fun to spoil little kids. Let them have three bowls, three cups, three little sandwiches. And he wanted me to sit and eat with him. Little kids are so social. Learning all the time. Observing how the world works, and not at all scared of the toy elephant that moves and makes noise. He was able to find the button on his own with just a few showings.

Time to go throw the clothes in the dryer.

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