Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dad (Bob) Painted the Cat

Tony and his crew from Gold Star Roofing did a pretty good job on the roof. But, they did a horrid job painting the outside. No prep work at all. Even though they assured Bob that they would.

Bob has spent the last three or four weekends sanding, hammering in nails, caulking, filling, and painting the house, with kilz and then paint. And of course, the gallon with the same label from a different Walmart turned out to be just a tad lighter. So, more painting today. No wind. A beautiful day for painting, really.

But, Sallycat threw up on the carpet in the living room. So, seeing as how we were outside most of the morning, I let her out to be with us. And I noticed she was eating grass---a sign of an upset tummy, so I was none too in a hurry to let her back inside. When Bob painted near the front door, Sallycat thought if she stood there and looked pitiful, that he'd let her back into the house. But, no. His hands were (tied) painted. And Sallycat got paint dripped on her back. Now she has another reason to throw up. I am wondering if when she ingests a sticker, if that is what makes her throw up. Stickers get stuck in her fur, and when she licks them off, where do they go? I wonder if maybe she swallows them, and that is what makes her tummy upset. She slept all night at our feet, so its not like she was out hunting and killing and eating any critters.

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