Monday, October 27, 2008

Ben's Birthday Was Fine

Bob was working downtown Fort Worth today, so he got off a little early, and did not have to ride the train. He went and voted ! Yeah ! He said there was a little line. Not too bad.

Ben worked in Bowie today taking a system off the roof so roofers could redo the roof, and enjoyed talking to the lady about how her system has been working. Not too good on cloudy days, or early in the morning. But, she was saving a bundle all summer using solar to heat her hot water. Ben showered after work, and came over, and rode with us to an eating establishment of his choice. Macaroni Grill. We had a good time visiting, and Ben liked his cake. He put the neat candles in it, and we sang to him, and took lots of pictures. He talked about some of his struggles through junior high and high school. And Bob brought up plumbing or electrician school again. It was a good visit. He put up with us for a while.

What is another good thing--I sent the cake and leftovers home with him !!! What a deal. The cake tasted good, but best to get it out of the house, and not staring at me all the time...or calling to me. I even slipped in a candle, and an apple and a banana.

I got a wonderful email from Bob's cousin who not only remembers Beruit 25 years ago, but was there ! Wow. Some family history I had no idea. Wow.

Time for Bob to beat me at Scrabble.

UPDATE: I won !!! 292-251 I won !!! Did you know "CHURCHING" is a word in the Scrabble dictionary??? It is. And in under fifty minutes, too.


Bob said...

You know it's tough when you're contemplating words like AALII, AREOLA and AERIAL.

It wasn't what you'd call a STELLAR game.

ShalomSeeker said...

Awwww, Uncle Bob. You're just not thrilled to be beaten by your wife. I guess that's what you get for beating her all those many evenings! Any bruises? LOL! ;-)