Friday, October 31, 2008

Earthquakes HERE in the DFW area Last Night

Wow ! Earthquakes here in the DFW area last night ! No kidding !

Small ones occur in Oklahoma north of us all the time, but this is the first time I can remember an earthquake here. We did not feel it. But, our local talk radio, WBAP is talking about it. Kinda nice to hear something other than politics. Surely, a security camera caught it at a store. Store clerks and police noticed it. Just a few shakes, they said. Amazing.

3.0 and 2.5

update: now they are calling it a swarm !!! They keep saying that it has nothing to do with all the natural gas wells. Most measuring equipment is hundred of miles away.

On another topic: I just walked out to the car to say goodbye to Bob as he heads to work, and there is this huge green worm crawling out of the rocks. Bigger round than your thumb, and four inches long. Light neon green. Looks like something that fits Halloween. Bob says its a tomato worm. Yikes

Yes, it is Halloween. All Hallow's Eve. Not my favorite holiday. I like the snack size candy, but not the scary stuff. There needs to be an age limit. We have a creepy old guy and his other strange relatives that show up without costume for free candy. I give out pencils. Ever since I was dubbed the pencil lady at PTA when it was my year to be in charge of the school know me as either the pencil lady or the lunch room lady. Soon as the pencils and kit kat snacks are gone, we turn out the lights.

No possum this morning.

update at 10pm

I had 72 pencils to give out, and a piece of candy with each pencil. By 8:30pm, I was down to 8 pencils, so we turned out the lights and went back inside. Bob had set up a light by the steps, as they are dangerous in the dark. And our street was dark. Neighbors on either side did not play, and that is okay. And the neighbor across the street was playing, but blocks her front door with a car, so most kids skipped her house. It was cooler outside than inside the house. So we sat outside and watched it get dark. Lots of big groups. Fairies, brides, and a queen of Egypt. A talkative group of little guys. And the horde of eleven grandkids that live in and around and visit Luke's house three doors down.

I think it is sad that a certain ethnic group does not bother to put on any costume, but sticks a backpack in your face and expects candy. Some just had plastic garbage bags. It is amusing to see the parents that keep track of kids from their cars. Some transport them from house to house, some just keep pace behind them. Our finisher remarked to her parents at the street that she thought we were fake. Fake people sitting quietly on our lawn couch. I was dressed in all white to be easy to see, and yet our steep drive and steps are hard to do, so when she got to the top and turned her attention to us, she thought we were stuffed fake people. Too cute.

We came back inside, with the front of the house dark, and played another game of Scrabble. It is Friday night, and we can hear the bands at UTA. It got up to eighty degrees here today, and 82 inside the house.

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Bob said...

Yeah, those Norwegians with no costumes can be awfully demanding. Does laughing about been mistaken for Halloween props make you an old person?