Friday, October 3, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin is HAPPY

Watching the debates last night, I was amazed at Governor Sarah Palin's poise. She was able to keep smiling no matter what complicated, stupid question or statistic was thrown at her. And her opponent was creepy. Over fourteen of his lies have been accounted for, and so anything he said was suspect.

I enjoyed reading the blogs and most of the blogs I read declared her the winner. And I like how one declared her a basically happy person, and the negative press does not like that.

As a Christian, I am so glad her joy is shining through. It will give folks a choice on Nov. 4th---to vote for the dour, sour, mean, angry side or the side where the Vice-President will be a HAPPY person, renewed, refreshed each day from above, no matter what happens. And she will see tragedy. A Veep attends lots of funerals.

God's Will Be Done in this election. That is my prayer. He knows best. But, it looks like God snuck one in under the radar---a HAPPY Christian, who believes marriage is defined by one man married to one woman, and that babies have a right to be allowed to live from the moment of conception until God takes them home at the ripe old age of 99 years or more...and it will be our honor and privilege to pray for her. Even pray that she gets along with Senator McCain---who just voted for pork and earmarks in a bailout bill that passed the Senate, and now has sadly, passed in the House.

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