Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Day

Stepped on a nail. It pierced the bottom of my foot. Went right through my shoes. Only bled a little. Went and got a tetanus shot. (short version for those who are in a hurry)

Bob mowed the backyard, and put the shed back on its foundation. The painters had moved it out of the way. I helped Bob haul stuff from the garage back to the shed. And I set the sprinkler going, as the back yard grass is dry, dry, dry.

Left over shingles, the purple spreader of seed or fertilizer or all things grainular/grandular (spell checker don't like neither), the propane torches for welding, and the lawn mower and its accessories. Those accessories include the bag, the plug (for when you don't wanna bag), gas cans, and the oil pan with reservoir. Things that can and will get dusty...all neatly packed away in their shed behind the little house. The painter guy was a slob when it came to clean up. He had installed new siding around the bottom two feet of the little house, and left a construction nail in the yard. I found it. I stepped on it. It went right through my shoe. Bob had to pull the sucker out. So, now that paint and repair job just got even more expensive. A trip to doc-in-a-box to get a tetanus shot because I had not a clue as to when my last tetanus shot was. The nurse practitioner said that nails drive the bacteria from your shoes into your foot more than carrying tetanus. But the neighborhood cats think our back yard is their litter box.

I went to doc-in-a-box because they are open on Saturday. I don't go to the doctor often. This was my first visit there. They wanted to give me pain meds, but it did not hurt that bad. Most of their customers looked like they were in for allergies. And they were very friendly, efficient folks. They warned me it would be an hour, and I had brought my knitting. The TVs were playing Akeesha and the Bee movie. Saw the whole movie. They soaked my foot in cold stuff, and said my blood pressure needs watching. Just watch it, they said, and if it says high, come back for a chat. Dear husband is already on those expensive pills that make you tired. Looks like they are in my future, too. Anybody had any success with that amealBP they advertise on the radio?? And I am covered for tetanus and diphtheria !

I usually avoid Walmart on Saturday. Too crowded. I can go anytime. Why get in the way of folks that only have Saturday to shop? Too many piercings of ears, nose, and what is with the lobe widening stuff? I used to read National Geographic as a kid, and these ear lobe widening things were popular in Africa. Are lips next? And tattoos---whoa---so many tattoos. Call me old-fashioned. But, it is cute to see little kids stare at the old lady knitting. Children shopping with their parents stop and stare at what I am doing with two wooden knitting needles and yarn. And I smile back, because I don't always have to watch my stitches. Little girls walking backwards bump into their mother as they stare at this strange lost art of knitting. And one little girl trapped in a stoller paused from sucking on her doll to stare. I am sure that doll action figure was not suitable for her age range, nor was it designed as a chew toy, but...what do I know?

I found some heavy duty bandaids at Walmart, so Bob affixed number three for the afternoon. Bob is busy getting a Sunday School lesson ready for tomorrow. So, I am trying to be a good girl and be quiet so he can study.

And I found two new flavors at Walmart of Peaches and Creme yarn !! Salmon Royale. and Lilac Ombre. When they use "ombre" they mean varagated or mixture.

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Bob said...

And here I thought I was the OM-BRAY around this house.

By the way, thanks for not mentioning that I acted like a turd when you pointed out that my filthy shirt was soiling my easy chair. You're just too forgiving sometimes.

I need to kiss you foot and make it feel better. Better, I should kiss both your feet and thank you for marrying me.