Thursday, October 9, 2008


Bob beat me at Scrabble again last night. 375 to 219. The board was more open, but he bingo-ed twice. He is a most happy fellow. He is a basically happy fellow, anyway...that is why I was attracted to him 31 years ago this weekend.

We met Columbus Day weekend. Bob was helping an Army buddy move some of his furniture back to Houston, and Bob jumped in the car and attended the same church my family attended because Bob was being fed spiritually from tapes from that same church. Not only did he get some face-to-face teaching, he met a future wife. We started writing letters, and dated at Christmas, and he proposed the end of January and we married that April.

I remember that first meeting as he had no socks. He did not pack an extra pair, and was going sockless rather than wear dirty socks. But, his great sense of humor also caught my attention. And his letters were so witty and so well written that I could read them aloud to my folks, and so our romance flew under their radar.

I wonder what First Lieutenant Robert B. would say if a little birdie had whispered that weekend that his life is about to change. And for the last thirty years, he would never sleep alone. My snuggle bunny. My furnace. My light sleeper.

It was just after the Rice-A&M football game... (and I don't think those two colleges even play anymore)

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