Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Your Chiropractor Knows

Your Chiropractor can tell when you have been sitting on your behind at the computer and not getting enough exercise. Your Chiropractor can tell when you have been worrying. Your Chiropractor can tell when you have not been doing your sit-ups.

I was raised on chiropractors. Whenever we suffered a cold or injury, my folks took us to the chiropractor. I can remember in junior high doing a vault wrong, and wrenching my neck. My folks picked me up at school, took me directly to the chiropractor, and then took me back to school all fixed up.

And since I am such a klutz, and fall over my own feet, and since I lift stuff I should not, and love to re-arrange furniture, and actually vacuum under furniture every once in a while...I often need to go to the chiropractor. But, as a Christian, we are taught that worry is a sin. We are suppose to confess it, and let go, and let God handle it. There is that verse that talks about body slamming our cares back on God. But, my tense muscles in my neck, and stomach give me away.

It is just too beautiful outside to be hurting. So, thanks to the chiropractor, he put things back in alignment and I can stand up straight again. And I took a walk around the block. And tried not to trip over my own feet.

October in Texas means we get to open the windows, and listen to the birdies sing.

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