Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Sanding and Scraping

And painting. Bob bought a gallon of kilz and another gallon of the gray-white paint. And he sanded the east side, and everywhere that needed it with his belt sander electric tool. Good thing I did not hot glue on the stars. They would have been in the way.

Sad news from firstborn. Their dear cat, Jack had to be put down. So sad. He was the cat we were entrusted with when firstborn was in basic. And this cat ran away at one point and was miraculously found. Jack had indeed nine lives. And Jack was one of the grandchild's first words. Jack and cat were synonymous to the grandchild. Andy said he ate something like a rubber door stopper that blocked his intestines.

The neighbors on the east side have their charcoal grill going. And the wind must be out of the east. I made Bob a bag of Marie Calendars' skillet meal, the one with turkey and sweet potatoes. Cooked up quickly on the iron skillet. I should have timed it better around Bob's painting of the outside of the house. We googled Marie Calendar---and there really once was a Marie. And Bailey's Irish Cream--invented the same year I graduated from high school. 1974. I bought some Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream. Bob wanted to know whatall was in it. Google helps us improve our minds.

Back to the weeding---stickers abound. Window washing may have to wait until next week once the paint is dry.

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Bob said...

I hate to point out typos, but in the first paragraph you wrote: "Good think I did not hot glue on the stars."

And the cat's name was spelled "Jacques" (though pronounced "Jack"). Remember, Andy explained that they changed his name when they had him fixed?