Friday, October 24, 2008

Now I am hearing things

Maybe it was a conversation in a dream. Maybe it was Bob's gentle snoring. And I do have very vivid, active, wear-me-out dreams...but I awoke this morning to one of the boys calling, "Mom". Sounded like James when he would come home late and wake me up to let me know he was home okay. But, it was tempting to call around and see if everyone was okay. As I pondered which one it might be, I realized I would not be falling back to sleep, and best to get up and make the coffee. So I did.

And I had been putting off window cleaning for days now. It was time. Assembling the tools, and the taking down the south window heavy black drape we use to block light for computer screen viewing, I slipped the huge black velvety cloth into the washer and set it going. I don't know if it was heavier with dust or cat hair. It did not seem hot enough to need a sweatband, but soon sweat was dripping down my nose. So, on with the sweatband, and that headband is proof I can knit something other than dishrags.

Even after a good scrub, there is a fine paint spray on the windows that I will have to leave for him who can use the razor tool thingy. But, it was good to take down the screens and give them a good brushing, and it was amazing how dusty they were. Spiders like to leave their little white cotton-ball-type nests. It is not a perfect job, but I did my best. And they sure look better. By the time I was done, the washer and then dryer had the huge black drape ready to rehang. Looks nice all dust and cat hair free. Sallycat wanted to jump up into that window and check out the yard and re-install her hairs on it, but I discouraged her for today. There are other windows in the house she can do her patrol work from. Wow---if the blue star two star flag was not hanging in the kitchen window, I would think there was no glass. Hum...analogy there---God scrubs us so clean that we can show more of His Son??

WBAP here at 2pm is warning of a "frost advisory" tonight again. Wow. Is frost dangerous? Slippery on grass, but unless you have tropical plants like a banana tree or something growing in your garden, what other dangers doth a frost bringeth?

I see painting in our future this weekend. In the bright, bright sunlight of midday, Bob will spot the places that need more covering with the new paint. There are a few spots out front, on the wall on on the facia, and a few spots in the back of the house. I was tempted to glue up the stars on the front of the house, but they would be in the way just yet of painting.

Beautiful weather here in Texas. We close the windows at night, and our house stays at a comfortable seventy degrees. Then, I open them mid-morning, and it feels great in here. Our back wall is brick, and gets full sun from the south and heats up all day, and will possibly make us close up and turn on the AC this evening, but maybe not.

I got so tickled yesterday reading a new military blog called, Embrace the Suck. This guy is headed on his first deployment, I think, and he writes beautifully. But, he also writes honestly, and tells all. Even less than flattering things, and life in a barracks of guys can get crude, but he ends each posting knowing his mom is probably reading this with, "I love you mom". Sounds like something my boys would do, too.

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Bob said...

Okay -- so (just to make sure I have my priorities straight) it's paint, then scrape the paint off the glass, then wash the windows. The yard beckons too, you know.