Friday, July 31, 2009

Paid Da Bills

Paid da bills---water, insurance on the house and cars, and sent off our contribution to New Tribes.

The natural gas bill will come tomorrow and be due before the next pay check, so I need to keep a beady eye out for that.

Now to remember to mail them. ha

And dearest...uh, well---I'll email ya.

Heading to Lawton tomorrow. A Load to Lawton. Yessireee. In the plymouth resides the uniform called, "blues" and THE dress. The newlyweds are motoring to Lawton tonight with their little car packed to the gills with gifts. I shall bring the rest tomorrow. Then come back home. Thataway, I won't have to get a hotel room. The Holiday Inn was full up anyway, and theirs is the shampoo I like.

Rain---yesterday's was from the north, and tonight's is whomping us from the southwest. lightning. thunder. forty mile an hour wind. whew.

I can't wait to check the weather websites tomorrow===surely we broke records for rainfall in July. Surely.

The drive to Lawton is pretty. Ought to be able to tell who has received rain. Things are sure greening up here. Now to bed.

What a difference a week makes. Last week this time, we were at the rehearsal dinner. I need to get Amber's folks' address and send them a thank you card, for the food was delicious. And little Faith came through her surgery just fine, and they took bone from four ribs to help knit her skull together. She is walking and laughing. I don't think I'd be so perky if you took bone from four of my ribs!

What a contrast. Tomorrow will be one week from the wedding---and the wedding attire hangs lifeless in the van, needing a good cleaning.

Amber said she was excited---time to get settled with all their stuff. There will be plenty of time. They may have a wall of boxes for a while. Until orders. until they move to a bigger place. And then, there is the wii to play with... we never had one of those. We had Scrabble.


Bob said...

We're getting increasingly out of sync as Andy and I drive west. The sun here sets about three hours later than it does there. And we'll be four time zones west of you once we get to Alaska.

I emailed you back with the (ahem) numbers. I'm sorry we missed our Skype date.

joyce said...

No, it is not your fault. I was getting sleepy, and took a nap, and now I am paying for it, by being wide awake. I am sorry. I should have fought through the sleepy and stayed awake until after we skyped.

maybe I am just anxious about tomorrow, hoping the plymouth does good on a load to Lawton, but the moon is out...