Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Better---went to the chiropractor

I was raised on chiropractors. Whenever we had an ailment, we were taken to the chiropractor.

So, this morning, I decided not to put if off any longer. My chiropractor is a gentle wrestler. He even volunteers his services to the local wrestling team. He put things back where they were suppose to be. Yeah !

Then to Walmart for more metamucil tablets. No yucky powdered stuff for me. I just love it in capsule form. Keeps me regular. And I stocked up on more frozen blueberries. Yum. Fruit plus frozen to cool you down. Yum. And it is gonna be a hot day today.

Cats patrol the yard. The white cat with the unfortunate black mustache might have killed something in the front yard. He/she was guarding it. I was afraid to look. And the cat with the cape markings ---the one we call catwoman or batman is keeping the back yard free of creeping things. The dove coo from the budding oak tree out back. They live so close to danger lurking in the long grass.

The oak tree in the back yard is in a hurry to bud and put out oak strands of pollen. I wonder if the wind exercises the branches and helps get things flowing.

I drove by the new Cowboy Stadium approaching completion. Whole parking lots are FULL of workers. I bet that place employs six hundred or more. There is a relatively new Walmart right across the street from the stadium. It has baseball decorations and baseball shaped lights because it is also close to the Ballpark in Arlington. Wow--that is going to be gridlock when the stadium opens. And isn't baseball season coming up, too? We avoid that section of town during baseball games. I can't imagine what it will be like during a football game. Heavy machinery was tearing down the bank that served as the Cowboy office for years. I wonder why recycling folks don't come and remove huge glass doors, and windows first. I guess glass is cheap. But, wouldn't an old bank have extra thick fancy glass?

my tongue is blue. Bob would call it a dark purple. Am I spoiled, or what?! Maybe there is life after children.

I wish I had kept a list of all the advice I have received on having an empty nest: Get a hobby!

Is reading stuff on the computer a hobby?? Time to check Cakewrecks. And time to throw some clothes in the dryer. And time to fetch the $5 lampshade I found at Walmart on sale today. I left it in the car because my hands were full. $5 for a lampshade that just yesterday was marked $14. And I had seen some online for $40. I can't say enough nice things about Walmart.

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