Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There is a raccoon in our critter trap ! We have caught mostly oppossums, but...

The poor birdfeeder looks like someone has been hanging from it....

And the trap is holding a RACCOON !!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!

And thankfully, Bob has an engineer meeting in Fort Worth today, so he has time to take the critter north of the Trinity River. He is not rushing to meet the train like he does most days.

The raccoon is calmlying cleaning itself inside the trap. Using the time productively. I took pictures of the raccoon. He did not seem to mind. The challenge is holding still as the light is barely peeking through the trees. I think I will try setting the camera on a low footstool.

I am so surprised the raccoon got caught in the trap because I had baited it with hazelnuts weeks ago, and then it rained---so I cannot imagine they tasted very well after raiding the birdfeeder.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture is just before Bob drove off to convey the raccoon to the Trinity River Park.

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Bob said...

I'm sure Mr Raccoon is better off. There may not be birdfeeders to raid, but there will be other critters to play with.