Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Envelope Campaign

I leave the radio going quietly at night, so that when I wake up at 3am, I can listen to the truckers' show. Somewhere in the night, I heard them talk about this Red Envelope Project that sounded easy to do. So, I googled it and found: And links to a couple of different sites talking about it.

I did not have any red envelopes on hand, but I love to color. And using a red permanent marker, I made up a few. Then, I figured out how to make the labels on the computer. Label for the White House address, and a label for what goes on the back of the empty envelope. So easy. I could not resist---I added a line unique to each one about how this child might have grown up to inspire students. Or, this child might have grown up to inspire teachers. Or, this child might have grown up to discover a cure for cancer. I sent out seven homemade ones, then about twenty with the printed labels after I bought a small packet of red envelopes. Kinkos had a nice selection of envelopes. I took my packet up to the desk, and handed them my cash. This is it? Yup. I did not come for copies or nuthin'. Just red envelopes.

Some of the commenters said it is a waste. That the envelopes will just end up in the black hole that is the White House. Strange choice of words, if you ask me. But, I like what another commenter said: that maybe someone working in the mail room or warehouse will see them and wonder. The sites warn to be sure and put your return address, or it won't be delivered. And some said they were sending some to their representatives, and newsrooms, too. Good idea.

To all the babies...that never had a chance to learn how to color with crayons, or see a sunset, or play in the back yard... And to all the babies stuck in daycare... or in the care of questionable people---like the ones I saw at the post office today. This young couple had one of their own who was a wild child. He was all over the place, touching everything. yelling. He had no concept of waiting in line or coming when called. And then there was the child of another race that was with them, obviously being babysat by this couple and their wild child. He was compliant. Quiet. Obedient. Entertained. So cute. But what where his parents thinking sticking him with this wild child?? With her knee, the mom tried to confine her child while at the counter transacting the post office business she needed to do only here. With her knee pressing the child into the counter. Wow. Wonder why he yelled out. Dad/boyfriend was totally useless, or maybe he knew that to hold wild child only resulted in major yelling by wild child who knows that yelling gets you temporary freedom. Does the mom ever use her knee on the child she babysits?? Poor little guy.

So, our president just up and fires the president of GM. What exactly did he do?? What crime? The board of directors were caught off guard. Was this just a big power play? Who is next? What the HELL is the president of the United States doing firing a company president?! Do we live in a communist country? I wish companies and businesses and anyone tempted to partake in government money or bailouts would take note. The "bailout" is not free. It comes with chains. Doesn't the president of the United States have enough to do?? Who is ruling and who is the servant?

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