Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Lights for St. Patrick's Day

My husband humored me today and put up the green bulbs---fifty out front, and sixteen inside the kitchen window. We had Christmas-colored lights up for Christmas, of course, and then Amber colored lights in January and February. Now the timer is set for green---in honor of St. Patrick's Day. A missionary to the heathens. Captured as a boy, and ENSLAVED for many years, he heard the gospel and went back to give the heathens the gospel.

Leave it to the tree huggers to try and re-label green as their cause, as in green energy, and by the way, those nifty curly light bulbs are not so "green" after all. Not only do they harm the environment when its disposal time, but they put out more heat, I read this week.

I bought six boxes of Christmas lights for 1.60 each after Christmas, and we have been having fun harvesting the light bulbs off of the strands, and thinking of ways to decorate with them. Not only do they serve as a great night light, but they also are a crime deterrent, in my opinion. And a great way to mess with the drug dealer's heads, as in: "hey, I thought you said it was two doors down from the yellow lit-up house".

What color for April and May?? June and July can be our patriotic light bulb colors what with flag day and Independence Day. And the nights are so short in August, and the heat so intense, we will probably unplug the timer for August unless we are partying.

April was the month we wed. April is the time of bluebonnets---maybe we will go for a blue house. But, blue sometimes means sad.

My dear engineer husband makes sure the bulbs match. In the after Christmas sales, I bought what was left, and even though both brands say made in China...the bulbs are different. Bob has them looking good by carefully mixing the pointier/lighter with the blunter/darker bulbs. And all those plastic buckets I've been saving from the cotton candy addiction at Walmart give us a clear view of my bulb stash. It just seems fitting somehow, since Bob works for the power company, and our house is bestewned with light bulb give-aways, that we play with colored light bulbs. And since Bob carefully, precisely stapled the wires up under the eaves, the bulbs are not visible from the street---except at night---we are the house with the green glowing light...for the rest of the month of March.

And it goes well with the green rye grass crop out front. That grass is so fun to walk barefoot in, and it looks so pretty. I know it won't last in our Texas heat, but those bags of rye seed we scattered in October means that half the year, we have a lush, green yard. I have been so tempted to throw plastic Easter Eggs out front just to show off the grass, but our little neighbor boy would not let them decorate the yard for long. Our neighbors were probably all born in Mexico. I lose count of how many are in the house--but there are at least two families and uncles and aunts that come and go. Benito is an anchor baby. We watched him grow up next door, and when he started pre-school, he could finally speak a few words of English and we could talk to him. He visits almost every day looking for toys and sometimes I give him a cookie or treat. He has a lot of energy, and loves to kick balls, and throw rocks, so it seems a good investment to give him all the extra kicking-type balls we can spare. I'd rather he kick soccer balls than throw rocks into the street or onto our cars. Sometimes we entertain him with pencils or spiral notebooks I have found extra cheap at school supply sales.

I like the green lights. What a fun, cheap way to decorate. Time to go throw more clothes in the dryer.


Bag Blog said...

Your lighting system sound like great fun. Maybe you should put out cascarones instead of Easter eggs.

joyce said...

Wow---you had us checking our dictionaries with that one---

cascarones---will Benito crush them or throw them or leave them alone?

AirmanMom said...

too mcuh fun!