Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring back, Fall forward or is it Spring forward, Fall back?

Yesterday, the clock that takes a battery quit working, so I took it down off the wall and put in a new battery and adjusted it for the time change....I thought....

I knew we were losing an hour, so I thought, loss equals going back, and set it back an hour. Silly me. Bob wondered aloud as to why the clock was set an hour earlier than all the others.

I like to ease into this clock changing times. I like to ease my tummy into meal time changes. So, the clock on the computer says 10:15am, but the clock on the wall reflects the time tomorrow: 11:15am.

Harkening back to when our firstborn was still living at home, and we adjusted the clocks two hours to see if he would notice. We played a trick on him. I wonder if he remembers.

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Bob said...

Just remember: "Spring rolls; Fall leaves." (Don't thank me, I'm a giver.)