Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Days Maybe It is best to go back to bed...

I trotted off to the post office to mail a very big package of dishrags I knitted to my friend in Ennis. I thought I would save time, and lip by printing my own label at their nifty machine. But, after labeling and stuffing it into the package bin, it stuck, so I had to hunt down an employee and apologize. Then, while loading a whole bag of safflower seed into the birdfeeder, I thought I could just turn it a little and put the bird poop spot on the outside, and spilled the whole thing on the ground. At least it is not the seed the squirrels like. Then I got home to find the FedEX note on the door---yes, I missed receiving Bob's new laptop. Great.

Maybe I'd better go back to bed and start over.

But, the sheets are clean on the bed. Bob will be so surprised. And I found some more blue themed things for our 31st anniversary---blue almond m&ms for Bob. Aren't I romantic? Now he can sit in his blue t-shirt and eat blue colored chocolate almond M&Ms while playing on his new laptop on our anniversary.

And I found Ben-Ben some new t-shirts with cute sayings on them that are not too negative nor snarky. And a four dollar soccer ball for Benito next door. Benito gave me a red long stemmed rose on Saturday. I wonder where he gets them. He also gave me two flowers from my yard, and half of a bluebonnet.

Now I need to go scoop up fallen seed. Maybe if I spread it on the window sill we can get a better look at the doves. They have such neat feathers.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Boy! That sounds like a day that I might have!

joyce said...

thanks, Jamie. It turned out better. Bob and I picked up his laptop at FedEx, and now he is happily loading stuff onto it.

And my son in Ohio called so I got to talk to 2 year old Abby. Fun!

Bag Blog said...

I hated when I do things like that - I've torn open a sack of dogfood while trying to load it on to the cart in Wal-Mart. At least I did not get lost - I just followed the trail of Purina.