Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I guess it is time to mow when men keep ringing the doorbell asking to be hired to mow the front yard. So, when Bob got home from work, after supper, and taking advantage of the later sunset, Bob mowed the front yard. And even with the mower set at the highest setting, he had to go very, very slow. Our compost heap now sports a nice green top. Most mountains have snow, our compost heap of a mountain has green grass hair.

And that rye grass was/is very juicy. Green. Green. Kelly green. It needs some brightly colored Easter eggs. But, that would be a problem when it is time to mow again. It is so pretty. We had thrown down one huge bag of seed last fall, early winter, and then a hard rainstorm seemed to wash most of it away, so we did it again. It is thicker than a golf course. And it was fun to walk in/on. But, now, it would stain your feet green.

Watching Bob mow, I also had the NASA site up, and while the sun was still up, I think I saw the station go over. It was not a blinking light. There was no jet trail like the other jets, and it was headed in the right direction. The station and shuttle combined are bright enough to almost be seen by day! The truss gets installed tomorrow, and then the last solar array is unfurled later this week. So, the station should be even brighter.

James called about 2:30pm. Headed home via Amber's, of course. He has a four day weekend. Best to enjoy it before the president starts charging them for their insurance and their vacations. Next, the president will bill them for those flights to the battlefield. Snark.

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