Friday, March 20, 2009

The Raccoon has a significant other!

It is still dark outside here at 6:20am on a Friday morning. The stars are out and the quarter moon shines brightly. I heard the trap rattling, and so I flipped on the backyard motion sensor light. Sure enough, we have a customer. Or, would that be consumer? Ricky Raccoon has a wife. Or maybe we caught the wife the other day, and this is her husband. I am not getting any closer to check it out.

Bob says he will reunite the pair on his way to the train. Maybe they will find each other again on this first day of spring. Nocturnal neighbors now near nature north of the Trinity River.

Bob said that this guy is much heavier. So, we must have caught the female first, and then the husband today. I hope the love birds---I mean the happy couple enjoy the wilds of flood plain.

Bob said this guy flipped the trap over onto its side, too. Strong little bugger.

7am update---Bob called from the station. He said that when he took the lighter one, it was day, and the raccoon was good and sleepy. This guy was wide awake, and growled at Bob. He uses leather gloves when handling the cage just in case... Raccoon number two is safely released into the wilds, and dear husband is safely on the train headed to the jungle that is downtown Dallas.

Hal Jay on WBAP is asking what movie made and impression on you. I am tempted to call in and say Bob's: Old Yeller.

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!

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