Saturday, March 7, 2009

And for my Mother...

Hey Mother,

Do y'all Skype?? I'll email ya our "number" if you Skype. That is fun.

We ate supper with Ben last night. Tried to get him to tell us some roof-solar panel stories, but he was more excited about his roommate's new 42 inch flatscreen TV procured from IRS refund.

And James drove down last night. Went out to supper and visited with Amber so Bob saw him after midnight. James likes us to cut his hair---high and tight on the sides, and long enough to gel on top. It takes both of us. I can do the major cutting on the sides, with the electric clippers, but Bob helps round the top so he does not have walls or a pointy head. We drag it out as much as we can and visit, but James can stand us to mess with his hair just so long. Now he is off to wedding cake testing with Amber. Some place in Fort Worth. He has duty next weekend, and then the weekend after that, Amber is Maid of Honor at her niece's wedding in Arizona, so they are flying there for the wedding and James will meet Amber's folks face to face. He has talked to them on the phone.

Just talked to Andy. Andy was watching cartoons with Abby. We had mailed her a robin plush toy that chirps when you squeeze it---found it at the Oklahoma welcome center, and we wondered if she got it, and if she can make it chirp.

And I talked to my sister, Tina day before yesterday. She told me about her stepson and how he is doing since the wreck. And she said that Aunt Candace is engaged to Thorton? Is that his name?

Have you been getting the emails from Uncle Wayne? So cute to hear about Indra exploring the farm with her Grandpa Wayne. Sounds like she really enjoys being out of doors. Looks like they got more snow last night.

Bob is watering the back yard, so hopefully, Murphy's Law, it'll rain. And Bob just called Sallycat a dimocrat. Doesn't know what she wants, threw up once already this morning on the carpet, and is very vocal today.

Have y'all see the new Star Trek trailer? I remember the original show as a little kid so they are doing a trilogy from a story line forty years ago?!

Have you seen the new Tyler Perry movie? I had not been to the movies in forever, and we have seen the Tyler Perry plays on DVD, so we understand the story and the characters and the purpose. But, so many just don't get it. And so many attack him, when he is a Christian and he is trying to do the right thing, and obviously fighting Hollywood but setting up his own production company and studio.

That is our news. Love, Joyce

PS I made Cake Wrecks again! Wow. You'll be so proud. not. I thought Jen would save it for Halloween or something. I just sent it on Friday. Amazing. Made my day.

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