Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lightening and Thunder this morning

And one hundred percent chance of rain. We need the rain. The weather lady on the radio said it has been since mid-February since we had measurable rain. We are about three inches behind, but may catch up today and tomorrow. Wonderful. Our grass will appreciate it, and the burn ban will be lessened.

And what a change in temperature. We have slept with the windows open for over a week now, but last night, about 11pm, the front came through and I started closing windows. I forgot one, and found it at 3am. The furnace has not kicked on yet, but it went from eighty degrees inside the house to seventy. And I think it is forty outside, which is a forty degree drop from yesterday evening.

Coffee is brewing. The best damn coffee in the world, according to the packaging. Devil's Brew. Bought it online from the pro-military folks.

Snipers brew. Pretty good. Yum. Warms the tummy on a rainy day. And the thunder and lightening gives the ambiance.

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Bob said...

I think we got caught up on our rainfall. The coffee is good, too. Coffee fit for a sniper has to be good: keeps you alert but not jittery.