Friday, March 6, 2009


Yummy Frozen Blueberries are the best way to cool down. Dole has a frozen bag that is just the right size. And thus far, not re-frozen like some brands. You are not biting into ice crystals, but smooth, tasty blueberries. My tongue is purple. My mouth is frozen. And it feels great. Cut open a bag and grab a spoon. Whooooop ! popcycles by the spoonful...

And blueberries have that good-for-you properties like cranberries. If I had a little girl...I would let her chase blueberries around her high chair tray. Let her turn blue. It's okay.

No need to thaw. Just pure fruit. And the color stays with your at the other end, too. You are worth it. Fear not the jobs that make you sweat, when blueberries wait in the freezer.

Fear not August, O Texas...when blueberries await.

And that bag of blueberries make a great ice pack in an emergency.

Blue food. Doesn't God have a sense of humor? Other than blue cotton candy, there is just not that much blue food. Blueberries fresh just don't do it for me. I have tried. Blueberries dried in cereal is okay. Frozen blueberries are the way to go. Yum.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Sounds great! May have to try that!

Anonymous said...

This is a neat post. Had me thinking of what other blue food there corn, blue crab (but they turn red when cooked) and Bilberry.

Anywho, hope you have a GREAT day! Enjoy your blueberries!

Love, Amber

Bob said...

And as I hear it ... blueberries are also little alimentary traffic cops -- they keep everything moving along. Or to put it another way, a bowl of blueberries help in filling the bowl. (I'm not in my second childhood yet -- just my second adolescence.)

James called -- he should be home around 11:45.