Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break for Grannies

Spring Break is a concept that I missed in grades school when I was a little girl. And even in junior high and high school, we usually had an Easter break, but spring break was a college thing--and I don't remember it much being publisized until the seventies when college students could somehow afford to go to the beach and get drunk. It did not sound like much fun to me.

When our boys were in grade school in the early nineties, Spring Break was an opportunity to take family jaunts to see relatives. And when the boys were old enough for guy stuff---Bob would take them camping. I think they explored the local lakes, and then in later years, Big Bend, and Guadalupe Peak. A couple of years ago, Bob took one last trip to Guadalupe Peak with James--and it snowed on their tent in the night. As the snow slid down, they thought it was critters, at first.

Last year, during James' last spring break, he treated Ben to a ski trip via relatives in Houston, as that was the best place for a flight to Colorado. And they had the best time staying with my aunt and uncle in Colorado, and getting an opportunity to ski as my cousins showed them how. It was their first time. Ben took to it like a duck to water. James found out that sometimes things look easier to do than they really are.

Spring Break this year means the stores are crowded, and the radio reported that the exits off the freeway in Fort Worth were totally blocked today from half-price day at the zoo. Not a good day to drive through Fort Worth. The weather has been gorgeous. We have slept with windows open, and while it got a little hot in here today, we made it without the AC.

I think folks are doing things locally. Six Flags is open, and there have been dire warnings about Mexican beaches and even El Paso because of the drug wars. I bet the local parks, and state parks are full.

I am not sure when firstborn's family had spring break this year. Last year we motored up there for a visit. And it snowed on us a little---those big, wet, fat flakes.

What does Spring Break for Grannies look like? Falling asleep in my chair. Hosing off the walk after Bob mows. Smelling the beautiful, fragrant rose bushes at Walmart. Wishing we could see the grandbaby, but... James will be home for four days I will get to fix him breakfast. And maybe we will get to see Amber, too. Temps should be 72 for the highs, and sixties at night. A little laundry. A little space station/shuttle coverage online, and forwarding interesting articles to Bob.


Bag Blog said...

When we lived in Red River, NM, we skied every Monday, and on weekends the kids were on the ski team. But when spring break came and the slopes filled with high school and college kids, we stayed home - it was just too dangerous to be on the slopes with a bunch of crazy kids.

You must have watched "Where the Boys Are."

joyce said...

No, I don't think I have seen it. Is it a good movie? I will look for it. Thanks, Bag Blog

Bob said...

"Where the Boys Are" is a bummer of a movie -- made in 1960 featuring Connie Francis who sang the theme song. I remember it as a rerun on TV when I was a teenager. It pretty well convinced me that spring break at the beach was something to avoid.