Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We were getting dangerously low on multivitamins, and with a cold front coming---best to get 'er done today. I have purchased health food store vitamins from local mom and pop stores, but their inventory does not move as fast as the bigger Whole Foods, so I like to buy them there. But, navigating through the construction that is north Arlington in preparation for the new Cowboy Stadium means taking your life in your hands. And it was just starting to sprinkle after weeks and weeks of no rain, so the streets are slick. People in a hurry are spinning out around me as if they are on ice! Yikes.

I need a bumpersticker or magnet that declares: Old Lady Onboard

Maybe then folks would get off my bumper. The whole world seems in a big hurry. What happened to slow down and smell the roses?

Whole Foods is the only store that carries certain items in Arlington. Promised Land whole cream, for example, is one such item. Surely, I will find a use for it before it expires on April 2nd. Great for making homemade tomato soup. And what conspiracy is going on at Walmart---two of their stores did not have cranberry tablets or capsules. Whoa. Whole Foods had some, so I stocked up. And it is dangerous to walk through and see items I forgot Whole Foods has---Baklava, and sunflower seed bread, and more varieties of olives than I ever knew existed. And since I was on the Pei Wei side of town, I was able to get an order to go without crying as this was where James and I used to go. Ben doesn't like Pei Wei, and Bob only tolerates it every year or so, and if you get it to go, and if James picks it up...and there is the only one dish he likes there: mongolian chicken. Today I tried their new mango chicken. Yummy cashews, and a few squares of red bell pepper.

oak tree out back is in full pollen strand bloom. The first tree of all our oaks---looks like it is wearing oriental fancy hangy down ear rings. Windows open--we have slept with open windows for over a week now. It may be our last day of summer like weather for a while.

Benito has started bringing me flowers---from our yard. Too funny. Dandelions, false garlic blooms, and my white violets. I tried to encourage him to take them to his mother. Too funny. My friend one street over had trouble with neighbor children harvesting her huge beds of jonquils. She had to shoo them away. Children do not come with a sense of property.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh---I think he has it right in that those who follow Obama are following a cult. Many do not like Obama's policies and yet they dare not speak up. In my opinion, Obama is an empty suit, and not only overwhelmed, but way in over his head. The fact that he cannot speak with a teleprompter, and my doubts about the true authorship of his books are a clue. Too, too concerned about polls, and what people think. And downright dangerous to our military, using them to keep the anti-war crowd off his back, Obama hasn't a clue. He is a socialist, and working real hard to cover it up, and so busy blaming Bush or Limbaugh, Obama means the opposite of whatever he says. Rush is right: Obama uses words but means the opposite. Conservatives should stick to their principles and not worry about the biased press. Principles above having everyone like us. The press is blind to their own bias.

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Bob said...

Let's go to Pei Wei for supper tomorrow -- I hear the mango chicken is good.