Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raccoon !

Bob and I were sitting here listening to a Mars Hill Church message after Bob beat me at Scrabble, and this raccoon walked along the window ledge--big and bold as you please. Yikes.

We have seen possoms before, and lots of neighborhood cats, but this is the first time we have spotted a raccoon. We had three inches of rain, yesterday and today, and it is cold---Bob thinks it is just looking for a dry place to sleep.

This is another reason to keep the garage doors shut. I counted three cats in there this morning visiting with Sallycat. (and she was fixed a long, long time ago) I saw a cat in the back yard this evening that I had never seen before. Cats mark the garage.

Maybe the raccoon was drawn to the fancy birdseed. I read somewhere that putting pepper in the birdseed does not bother the birds. Maybe it would discourage the mice, possoms, and raccoons.

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Bob said...

Sallycat really went on high alert when Mr Raccoon returned.