Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sunday Evening

Windows open. A balmy seventy-two degrees. A nice breeze with occasional gusts. I can hear the neighbor's clink of beer bottles, and smell the lighter fluid they use to get their coals going. Rain chances have been pushed into Tuesday. Maybe.

Bob and I went to church where the music was aweful and the sermon was good. Awe---maybe in in heaven we will be given new ears. This music hurts my ears. The drums are too loud, and in one number they tried to imitate thunder. Our friend Steve thoroughly enjoyed himself on the steel guitar. So, who am I to judge what is good music?? What do I know? Half the church likes this crap, so we stay for the sermon. I gotta find my earplugs. I wish there was a way to walk in fashionable late just for the sermon. This is not music we can sing to or with. Bob and I have decided that music is just bad in church nowadays. It is sad.

Like I said, we stay for the teaching. Can't get enough teaching. We even come home and start another sermon going from Mars Hill Church online. Their music is even worse, but thankfully, they only put the sermons online. The sermons are funny. And express what we believe---that what the Bible says should be obeyed, and where the Bible does not speak directly to something, then we have freedom to lean on the Holy Spirit for what is right and proper. Modest clothing. The Bible is clear on that. Covering my fat body in big t-shirts and pants so that I don't gross out others---that is a freedom/conscience issue. I gave up hosiery years ago. Hosiery is of the devil. Skirts run a close second. Good comfortable shoes are important at my age, too.

Bob and I went to Saltgrass Steakhouse for lunch. We like to split a k-bob dinner because it is all the meat I need, and it is tasty. Sadly, the hostess set us at a crossroads today, and it was entertaining for Bob, but painful to me. I thought we were going to have to witness the clash of the serving trays. And our waiter was too cutsey. A clean-shaven guy seated us, and took our order. But, alas, we were 'stolen' by some pushy poodle cut hair do on the chin. Wish I had spoken up and said, no, I'd like to sit at the clean-cut guy's table, please. There is another waiter there that is way too pushy about what knife you use, so we were thankful we were not in anal-retentive's area. Saltgrass has rules about how everything is brought out on a huge tray, no matter what, and then placed on a fold out luggage rack holder for the tray. So, the waiter has to balance your drink sitting all alone on the try, whip out the folding table holder with the other hand, and then place the drink and tray on the table before handing it to you. Drives me nuts. A lot of extra wasted flourish.

But, the food was okay, even though the service was a little slow. And then a different guy actually delivered our food. I ordered cheesecake. What a waste. Chick-fil-you up's cheesecake is JUST AS GOOD. Served quicker, too.

We headed from Saltgrass to the book store. Our boys used to call it Barns and Navel. The shrine to all the is liberalism greets you at the front door. I could not find anything interesting, so I went out to the car to knit. But, Bob needed a book to read on the train. Mark Levine's book does not come out until Tuesday. I did look for another Scrabble dictionary, but alas, did not find one. We need an extra. And I want to send one to my friends in Atlanta. The store was not real busy. Only saw two clerks. They had plenty of books about BO. Big glossy ones. BO somehow fits every catagory, every section.

Then home for a nap. Good thing, too, as the neighbors are way too noisy for us to be going to bed early.

We got to eat lunch with James and Amber yesterday. Red Robin. What a funny place. It was full of little leagers. It is kinda noisy in there, so I am glad James and Amber came back to the house to visit for a while. James should be getting back to Lawton about now. Next weekend James gets to meet his future in-laws face to face!

The last week of March---then our anniversary is a week from Wednesday. Yes, we are April Fools. Thirty-one years ago...Bob flew into Houston from Savannah on a Tuesday, and we got our blood work done, and then got a license, and loaded the U-haul trailer, and I met some of Bob's relatives for the first time... thirty-one years ago.

Benito just rang the doorbell. (9pm, dark, and he is five years old and lives next door). I did not have a toy, so I gave him a single-wrapped fig newton. He says they are his favorite! Call me a softie.

What have I been doing all evening? Listening to a sermon, reading blogs, and sharing fun things with Bob. Bob has been asked to do the devotional at the Lord's Supper April 5th, a Sunday night--so he is condensing it down to 20 minutes. Passover to Lord's Supper. So much material to teach, but so little time. And there will be little kids with limited attention spans. Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of Me" and yet He was "doing" a Passover meal, and adding some strange elements. And then the Corinthians were doing it wrong--so there are the verses where Paul corrects their Lord's Supper Observance. Do it, but not like this...

And full circle again: Thirty-one years ago, when Bob and I were dating, we attended a church where the men in uniform served the Lord's Supper. So, I have been served by my husband, and taught by him, too. If someone had whispered in my ear thirty-one years ago, that Bob would be my Sunday School teacher, and serving me Communion even after thirty-one years, when the boys had grown up and flown the nest, and it was just us again...would it have comforted or confounded me to hear? I could not see down the road that far. We have folks in our church that have been married seventy years or more. Thirty-one is not even half their married lives.

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