Friday, March 20, 2009

Learning about Alaska

Poking around on the computer to find out stuff about Alaska. Lots of neat videos and pictures. The song, North To Alaska, kept running through my head, so I googled it, and found the video and lyrics.

Three hours time difference. So, when/if firstborn calls us from Alaska when he is getting off work, say 5pm, that would be 8pm here. And if/when they call us so we can say night-night to the grandchild, 9pm their time in Alaska would be midnight here. Fun. Fun.

I found one video of a cruise in five minutes. That is my kinda cruise. Ha. snow on mountains and an occasional ice cube floating by.

North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on!

I wonder how they will transport their vehicles. I wonder how they will move the cat. And if their stuff is moved by truck, does it take a month to get their furniture?

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Bob said...

Check out the facilities at Elmendorf.