Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Skype-ing

Wonderful skype-ing with the firstborn last night and the grandchild. So cute to see the eye-rolling, and the nose scrunching, and the little hands and arms up under the chin. And the firstborn gave us a tour of his house. And we watched him put the grandchild to bed. Too cute.

We sang the songs the grandchild likes---and the grandchild sure likes singing.

What fun, skype-ing. To see in real time what pictures just cannot capture. And maybe give the grandchild faces to put with the voices heard on the phone. What a delight.

Middle son has his first brigade headquarters 24 hour duty starting at 9am today. Two groups are coming back from Iraq, too. I can picture what that will be like, having had the privilege of attending a welcome home ceremony.

Cloudy and cold yet today, but maybe the rain is done for a while. We SO needed it. The weathermen are predicting more spring like weather the rest of the week.

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Bob said...

That eye-roll was something. She is soooooo cute.