Sunday, March 29, 2009

Playing with light bulbs

We changed our recessed Christmas bulbs from green to blue. So now at night, we have a blue house instead of a green house (like next door). Green was okay for St. Patrick's Day. But, the blue is subtle. Blue plate special. Getting ready for our anniversary. I even have blue t-shirts for Bob and I to wear on Wednesday. The big 31.

I think for the months of June and July we will try a red, white and blue theme.

(Monday morning) Walking Bob to the car this morning, Bob said that the house is the same pretty blue as the sky this morning. There is a deep almost purple at the far end (east) and then as the blue bulbs light the bigger spaces by the garage door, it is a lighter robin's egg blue. almost green. real purty, in my opinion. And it is not as bright as a night light from inside the house, which Bob explained was the energy/voltage as the amber or red bulbs. Looks cool.

Blue reminds me of Israel, too.


AirmanMom said...

I like the red white and blue theme for June and July...between Flag Day and Independence've got it covered!!!

joyce said...

Thanks, AirmanMom! That is what I was thinking, too---and the red, white and blue goes well with our blue stars flag in the front kitchen window, too.

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