Thursday, March 19, 2009


A day of laundry. Feed the machines. Empty the machines. Thankful for the machines.

Read some neat blogs. Spouse Buzz has an awesome story of a gal who turned her husband's journal to his baby son into a book to honor him. wow. Have the box of puffs plus with Vicks at the ready.

I love Puffs Plus with Vicks. I get the plain variety for Bob. He does not want lotion or fumes in a kleenex.

Watched a little of the space walk.

Bored? Still with me? Sorry. May I reccommend a Mars Hill Church online message? Take your pick. We are listening through the First Corinthians series---lesson sixteen was all about sex and marriage. Whoa. Good stuff. God is doing a might work in Seattle. God is saving that city. Redeeming it. Installing a remnant there of Bible believing strong believers. Wow. Go. Listen. Learn. God LOVES you.

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