Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting for the Rain

I put the vehicle in the garage. This is a tricky endeavor. With the mirrors extended, there are only inches to spare. And Bob hung this rubber springy ball which is suppose to touch the antenae, but our antenae must be bent or something, because, first try, the garage door would not close all the way. Yikes. Storms approach from the west. Hail, tornadoes may strip the trees of their new leaves. Our yard could use the rain. And the green pollen coating everything needs washed off. Part of me wanted to leave the minivan out for a wash. But, the garage should protect it from hail damage. Pretty boring stuff, I know. But, I want to ask Bob to hang the alignment ball somewhere else because the shading on top of the windshield makes it hard to see. I'd rather it be in the middle of the garage where we just brush it with the windshield. To throw this load in the dryer, I will have to go through the gate, side door, and so, I will just wait until later.

1pm: We got a sprinkle. Just a little. It dripped off the roof a little. I pulled the vehicle out of the garage safely, and went grocery shopping. Streets are dry. Sky is clear to the west, and airplanes are landing to the north at DFW, which means our wind is out of the north now. Beautiful spring day. Oak tree in the back yard is all leafed out. Front yard trees are starting the pollen strand thing.

The coastal dandelions are coming up in the front yard. And I spotted a buttercup. I am glad the rye green grass did not crowd out the coastal dandelions. They only come up in the spring. Their blooms are so small compared to a regular dandelion. And they open to full sun, but close up on cloudy days.

Jack-hammers going next door as they repair or remodel their bathroom. And I'd love to get my hands on the owner of the car alarm going off for hours this morning. Down by Mr. Ford's house, I could see our neighbors standing in the street wondering abou the car alarms, too.

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Bob said...

Tomorrow is another day. It might rain yet.

jennifer said...

It is raining here today. Threatened all day yesterday and got up the nerve to just pour today. I am glad to see the pollen washed away but it is such a gray day.